PU Foam All Purpose

JOINFLEX 201 All Purpose PU Foam is a one-component, self-inflated, high extrusion capacity,
multi-purpose Polyurethane foam.
JOINFLEX 201 All Purpose PU Foam has good adhesion for most materials and excellent filling
properties, installed capacity, stability.


Can be cut and painted
High bond strength
Fast setting
Good gap filling properties
Good insulation characteristics
Filling joints cracks and gaps in insulating panels and sheets
Excellently suitable as foam for sealing and connecting precast concrete well shaft rings.
Quick-curing foam with excellent adherence and insulating capacity
It contains CFC-free propellants which are harmless to the ozone layer.



JOINFLEX 201 All Purpose PU Foam is suitable for bonding a wide range of commonly used
construction materials such as plasterboard, particle board flooring, timber, plywood, brick, block, and
concrete, AAC, CFC sheet, polystyrene, steel, some plastics and many other materials.
JOINFLEX 201 All Purpose PU Foam can be used for installing, fixing and insulating of door and
window frames.
JOINFLEX 201 All Purpose PU Foam is also suitable for filling and sealing of gaps, joint,
openings and cavities, connecting of insulation materials and roof construction.


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