Toluene-Free Contact Adhesive

JOINFIX 402 Toluene-Free Contact Adhesive is a mainly composed of Neoprene Rubber with strong bonding strength
in primary stage without toluene.
JOINFIX 402 Toluene-Free Contact Adhesive offers excellent heat and water resistance after dry, and produce strong
and long lasting joints.
JOINFIX 402 Toluene-Free Contact Adhesive are used as adhesives for porous materials, particularly for wood, paper,
and cloth, and as a consolidant for porous building stone, in particular sandstone

Excellent initial grab
High immediate bond strength
Quick drying
Bonds a wide variety of similar and dissimilar substance
Good brushability
Good heat & water resistance
Suitable for interior and exterior applications


Suitable for general purpose applications in the light industry, furniture, and construction industry.
Ideal for handicrafts, shoe repair, leather work and decorative work and do-it-yourself.
Widely used in the repair of toys, leather goods, furniture, upholstery, jewelers and in the handicraft making areas.


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