Repair Kit

JOINQUICK 520 REPAIR KIT combines an Instant Adhesive with a Welding Powder and together they repair almost
JOINQUICK 520 REPAIR KIT bonds most materials instantly. These materials include rubber, glass, copper,
aluminum, steel and most plastics. It even bonds unlike materials to one another such as glass to aluminum or
rubber to metal.
JOINQUICK 520 REPAIR KIT is used to repair all types of holes,cracks, gaps and can produce a strong weld seam to
support therepair, just like solder or welded joints.

Solvent-free adhesive
Fast setting within seconds
Excellent bond for a variety of surfaces
Convenient, non-clog, nozzles allow for pin-point application
Perfect repair effect, dries crystal clear
lnstantly Drilled, Sanded & Painted
Bonds plastic, metals and rubbers, china and dissimilar substrates


lnstant repairs for rubber, wood, plastic, ceramics, glass, metals, fiberglass, hobbies, etc.
It is a fast setting adhesive ideal for bonding all types of rubbers and preassembled parts.
Widely used in manufacturing of acrylic gift items, POP materials and table top display items.


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