Hangzhou Joinleader New Materials Co., Ltd a leading professional manufacturer & marketer of quality adhesives & sealants, is always dedicated to the research and development of various functions and applications in adhesives for last 17 years. Join Leader commits itself to provide more economical, professional, convenient application products, services and solutions to meet the ever-increasing demand in Construction, Industry, Automobile, DIY and other areas. Meantime, in all our products and services, environmental protection is our working philosophy. Originating from New York USA, Join Leader has successfully commercialized products in more than 50 countries throughout the world. Besides Global R&D Center in Hangzhou, Join Leader sets up branches in Shanghai, USA, Belgium, New Delhi (India), HongKong etc., and product application & technology center in India to reach the customer more closely.






What Can we do for your cost saving, easy applications?


How can we continuously meet the diverse demands of DIY market?


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How can we help in Environmental protection?






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